Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Columbia Loves a GMC Sierra--now see how they're built!

GMC Sierra available in Columbia, South Carolina rolling off the assembly line.
(Image: Ian Merritt,
With nearly 30 years of experience serving as the premier Columbia GMC dealer, Jim Hudson knows how Columbia truck owners love the GMC Sierra.  While many Sierra owners love their 5.3L Vortec V8s and crew cabs, just as many enjoy a Sierra in a basic configuration--regular cab, V6, vinyl seating inside. decided to hold a comparison shootout of V6 work trucks, which posed a unique problem for the website: most of the automotive press tests fully-loaded SLT and Denali trims of the Sierra, meaning GMC didn't have a work truck to lend them out of their media fleet.

What's the solution?  Build a GMC Sierra just for the test!

More than just build Sierra #1660 for's test, they invited the website to visit their assembly plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana to see it assembled and roll off of the assembly line.  If you've ever been curious to see how GMC builds their lineup of professional grade pickup trucks, take a peek behind the curtain here.

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